The Crisis Management Staffing Program by Power Healthcare Solutions: Empowering healthcare facilities when it really matters

There when you need us most

At Power Healthcare Solutions, we go beyond on-demand staffing to build a true partnership with each client. We make it a policy to understand the ongoing requirements of healthcare facilities across Canada. Should the need arise, our management team is trained and equipped in staffing, scheduling, and overseeing staff in times of crisis or emergency response. This comprehensive approach enables us to offer crucial support for our clients and communities.

Partner with us to be prepared

We created our Crisis Management Staffing Program to efficiently deal with the specific challenges faced by healthcare providers during a large-scale medical crisis. This innovative program is comprised of three phases: planning, deployment and ongoing communication.

The advanced planning advantage

In order to ensure effective delivery of service, we have a protocol in place for advanced preparation. Looking ahead, not only do we actively determine requirements related to potential scenarios, we also create a case management strategy for each specific healthcare facility. This involves the development of a profile that includes factors such as the number of beds, shifts and staff, plus the types of roles required. A standby team is assembled, comprised of a dynamic pool of suitable staff that can address the client’s needs in an emergency situation.

Experienced and effective

We’ve seen first-hand the types of crisis scenarios that may arise, especially after providing assistance during situations like SARS, H1N1 and, most recently, COVID-19. In these unprecedented times, our team has risen to the complex challenge of providing healthcare services for a variety of facilities. During the pandemic, we’ve deployed highly skilled members of our team, who are PPE equipped, certified, and do not turn away from supporting those in need.

Proven and praised

During the pandemic, our clients have greatly appreciated our ability to respond to their individual hiring needs in such a challenging time. Many facilities faced potential market-related staffing shortages, and we were able to provide front-line healthcare workers to fulfill their requirements. We have been praised for delivering personnel that meet the highest standards. Our clients appreciate that staff arrive on site with all the information they need to perform their job to the utmost of their abilities. They notice how we keep in touch with everyone involved on a regular basis to monitor service delivery. Most importantly, our team has been acknowledged for being instrumental in helping facilities manage and move through the pandemic crisis. At Power Healthcare Solutions, we believe it is a privilege to play this important role in supporting the healthcare community.

 Be prepared, and stay one step ahead. Find out how we can partner with you to prepare for a potential crisis. Reach out to us for a staffing strategy call and learn more about our unique Crisis Management Program. Call 416-901-4999 or email